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Covid Safe Ticket

Conditions of Access

Conditions of access

In order to have a peaceful and fun time without all the restrictions related to COVID such as wearing a mask or social distancing, we opt for the use of Covid Safe Ticket.

To access our event, you need:

(ID card/passport)

The Covid Safe Ticket alone does not give you access to the festival: you still need an entrance ticket.

Children under 12 also must have an entrance ticket (free), but no Covid Safe Ticket.

What is the CST?

What is the covid safe ticket?

The Covid Safe Ticket certifies that you are 'negative' to Covid-19, that you do not present a risk to the rest of the public, that you will not contaminate anyone on site.

This Covid Safe Ticket is personal and is materialized via a QR-Code.

The Covid Safe Ticket works like the Belgian covid certificate for travel.

For a person not living in Belgium, it is the European digital certificate declined at its national level. (For the French: the TousAntiCovid  application, for the Dutch: the CoronaCheck application)

Conditions of valid CST

Conditions of a valid Covid Safe Ticket?


  • Self-tests are not valid.

  • If your test result is positive, do not come.

  • If you do not have a valid Covid Safe Ticket, do not come.

  • If you are in quarantine after returning from a red zone, do your quarantine!

  • If you feel ill and have symptoms of Covid-19, (re)take a test.

Positive test? Don't Come 

Positive test?


You are considered fully vaccinated 2 weeks after the second injection of a 2-dose vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca) or the injection of a 1-dose vaccine (Johnson & Johnson).



  • By presenting a PCR test with a negative result that is less than 48 hours old. (test day + 2 days = OK)

  • By presenting a negative antigenic test (RAT) that is less than 24 hours old. (test day + 1 day = OK)

The two free PCR tests that Belgians are entitled to are also valid for participation in an event. A free PCR test must be requested maximum 10 days before its 'use' via the website:


Either have a certificate of cure for covid-19. This certificate shows that you are cured of Covid-19 after a previous positive test that is more than 10 days and less than 6 months old.

If you test positive for Covid-19 after your PCR or antigenic test, you are welcome to not show up at the festival, but we will refund your admission.

Even if you have a festival ticket, you will not be allowed to enter.

To ask for a refund of your festival ticket, you will have to send us an email to until Friday November 5th (included).

How to get the CST?

HOW TO GET THE Covid Safe Ticket? 


Where to get tested?
  • PCR tests: you must make an appointment at one of the official testing centers

  • Antigenic tests (AG), performed by medical staff (pharmacies or other testing centers) and automatically linked to the COVID SAFE TICKET, will be accepted. However, antigenic tests are only valid for 24 hours. There is no list of pharmacies that organize antigen tests. Please ask your local city/village pharmacy.

⚠️ AUTOTESTS (antigenic or other): They do NOT give access to the festival as they are not considered a valid test by the authorities for obtaining the COVID SAFE TICKET.

The tests will not be organized on the festival site.

CST Control


For people with a smartphone:

  • Download the CovidSafeBE application on or via the store of your smartphone.

  • Activation of this application requires a connection to eHealth or Itsme. Tip: do not do it the day before.

For people who do not have a smartphone:

  • The CST can be downloaded online in PDF format and then printed, via or via the Walloon health network or via the Brussels health network.

For people who do not have a smartphone and have a complete vaccination:

  • Possibility of postal delivery of the vaccination certificate via the following regional call centers:

Wallonia: 071/31.34.93

Brussels: 02/214.19.19

Flanders: 078/78.78.50

Covid Safe Ticket CONTROL

COVID SCAN: Your Covid Safe Ticket will be scanned at the entrance of the festival. You will also be asked for an ID to make sure that your Covid Safe Ticket matches your identity.

For non-Belgian residents, we will scan your national application on which you will have previously downloaded a valid Covid Safe Ticket.

In this control zone, the sanitary measures in force (wearing a mask, distance, hand disinfection...) are applicable.

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