K-showtime dance bATTLE

You've had a first taste on August 21th,

we're coming back with another battle for those who also want to participate solo.

This time, along with the 2 categories previously introduced (a.k.a "Girl Group" and "Boy Group"), we're adding a new one: "Freestyle".

This time with a lot more time to get prepared, this is THE challenge to take!


Mixing the concept of Dance Battle and Random Play Dance, you'll have to fight off to be crowned K-Showtime King !

What is it about?

In the categories "Girl group" or "Boy group", the contestants will have to learn 4 imposed choreographies and 2 choreographies of your choice.

Two contestants will face each other 1-vs-1 simultaneously on one of these songs.

In the category "Freestyle", just like in regular battles, you'll have to showcase your best freestyle without restriction.

Two contestants will face each other 1-vs-1 simultaneously on a random K-pop song.

This is an occasion for the K-pop community to be introduced as well to the culture of "regular" battles without being too far from what you already know.

The judges will, then, choose who's the best between the two contestants, the loser leaves the podium while the winner goes up to challenge other winners until only one is left at the top.

The K-Showtime King will be crowned when the last Challenger falls!

The battle is full!


To participate, fill this

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Rules & Regulations

Before registering to this contest, please read the rules and regulations