Dance Battle & Random Play Dance

Kpop Dance Battle

Battles don't hold any secrets anymore for Street Dance Lovers!

In collaboration with Timiss, K-Showtime adapts this concept to the Kpop Community

In « Girl group » or « Boy group » category, you'll have to learn a list of dance covers and compete in front of 3 judges to be crowned winner as well as receive a sum of 50€

Random Play Dance

Random Play Dances became a must in the Kpop Community!

After the Battle, participants and member of the audience can partake in a fun "Random Play Dance" to close that event on a carefree note




Kpop Dance Battle


Random Play Dance



Payment by cash


You pay only once to attend to the full event.

  • To participate to the Battle, you need to register beforehand.

  • To participate to the Random Play Dance, registration isn't mandatory but we recommend doing it to secure your entrance.


Maximum attendees: 100 people 



Dance battle & random play dance

From 12h to 15h


24-26, Rue de Veeweyde, 1070 Anderlecht



Mixing the concept of Dance Battle and Random Play Dance, you'll have to fight off to be crowned K-Showtime King !

What is it about?

Registering in the categories "Girl group" or "Boy group" (you can register to both), the contestants will have to learn a list of 15 k-pop choreographies.


Two contestants will face each other 1-vs-1 on a random song from the list.

The judges will, then, choose who's the best between the two, the loser leaves the podium while the winner goes up to challenge other winners until only one is left at the top.

The K-Showtime King will be crowned when the last Challenger falls!

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