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A few tips for the creation of choreographies

K-Showtime and its dance competition are fast approaching! This year's theme is "Story With a Twist". After witnessing the quality of the last edition’s choreographies, we can't wait to see your creations on September 9, 2023!


For those who are still hesitating to enter, but also to help those who might find themselves in an art block, we asked Prince and Gabriel, two dancers who have proudly represented Belgium on stage, alongside Blackpink, and who collaborate with stars such as Angèle and Shaurra, for some advice!

1 - How do you create choreographies?

No secret here on the fact that there's no single method for creating choreographies. You have to find what works best for you:

  1. Freestyle and film yourself on a song you want to work on, then keep what you liked best from the freestyle.

  2. Create "without" music and then adapt it to the sound, meaning without relying on the music. This technique is less respectful of the music's more subtle musicalities, but that doesn't make it any less good choreography. There are, of course, a few adaptations to the music afterwards.

  3. Inspiration is Prince's creative force. She listens to the music over and over to imagine the mood, the universe and the kind of movement. And often, when she runs out of ideas, she makes random steps that stay in the choreography if others happen to like them.

  4. Gabriel creates from music too, since it generates movement. That's why it's important for him to distinguish between a song we like and a song that inspires us.

The "twist" has to be perceptible.

2 - Do you create a story?

The movement itself doesn't necessarily make sense, so the story can be optional. It's not compulsory if the dancers don't feel the need or interest. They can create a project that communicates without the need of interpretation from the public. On the other hand, they can go for something more abstract, based on emotions, and leave the interpretation of the project to the audience (everyone will have their own story).

But since the theme of K-Showtime's contest is "Story With a Twist", a story is essential. The "twist" has to be perceptible: a disruptive element has to be added to the initial story. To achieve this, Prince recommends first making a storyboard of the story, then completing it with dance creations. Since it's not always easy to have a concrete idea from the start, it's natural to let creativity evolve over time.

3 - Just own it.

Dance is art. You cannot do things half-heartedly or be afraid of ridicule. It's when you believe in your movement that it becomes interesting and cool! The goal is not necessarily for the choreography to be conventionally "beautiful". So it's important to trust yourself, follow your instincts and draw inspiration from others (without copying them!). Above all, don't seek originality at any price, or create something complex for the sake of complexity.

Just own it!

4 - A final word of advice

  1. Be careful not to hurt yourself!

  2. Don't judge yourself or be too perfectionist.

  3. Learn to feel legitimate to create choreographies

  4. Be inspired yes, copy no!

  5. Have fun!

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