K-showtime dance Contest

K-Showtime is a Belgian Kpop Dance Contest that take "dance contest" to another level!

Having participated to several dance contest in Belgium, we, Chicken Squad, realized there was no Kpop event revolving around dance that presents a real
challenge for the Kpop community

That's why we decided to organize a contest that is a step higher and that will make the Belgian Kpop dance community

Why ?

As a team of min. 2 and max. 7 members, you will be given one of these 3 themes:
- Good vs Bad
- Going Crazy
- The Fight

This contest's most important point is "creativity". As a group, you'll have to do everything to make the most out of the theme you'll be given and stand out from the other groups.

Therefore, each group will be dispatched into 3 categories and will compete for 1st place of their respective category but also for 1st place overall.

What ?

Registration Dance Contest

Rules & Regulations

Before registering to this contest, please read the rules and regulations

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